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Soft-Rubber ® patented tooth brush according to DR. BOEHM

  • Hygienic, as no germs can penetrate the sealed foam.
  • No abrasion with grooves or notches in enamel or dentine.
  • No danger of damage to the gums.
  • Optimized sulcus cleaning through suction-pumping method.
  • Gentle application of medicaments.
  • Soft cleaning of tender aereas resulting from surgerie.
  • Simultaneously cleans upper and lower teeth.
  • Able to floss without fingers in the mouth.
  • Cutting off one side reduces head size.
  • Easy replacement of foam head.
  • In accordance with international standarts (EEC FDA).

General information on tooth cleaning

The bristles on the tooth brush are what cleans the teeth. The harder the bristles better the teeth are cleaned.

Over time grooves and notches develope on the teeth and the gums recede.

In order to reach the interdental areas with a normal tooth brush, the pressure must be increased even more. Only a small part of the bristles the brushhead can be inserted in the interdental space. Thus the interdental space can not be cleaned. The result is tooth abrasion, gum damage and bent bristles.

Effects of tooth paste and germs on normal tooth brush

Tooth paste plays a subordinated role in the teeth cleaning.

The paste is moved aside and dispersed by the bristles and is quickly dissolved in the oral cavity. The positive effects of flourides and abrasive contents of the paste are diminished.

Strontium salts and other active ingredients found in some pastes, which could seal open dentinal tubules, can not be pressed to the surface of the tooth.

Thus extreme sensibility of a tooth can not be stopped. There are many places between the bristles where bacteria and viruses can breed. Cleaning between the bristles is almost impossible.

General structure of DR. BOEHM's Soft-rubber

The Soft-rubber is made of three parts:

  • A special foam is attached to the head of the shaft.
  • A small brush for the interdental spaces if attached to the lower part of the shaft as well as a dental floss holder.
  • A device with these three features provides easy and effective cleaning of problem areas.

Special foam at the head of the shaft

The chambers of the are foam enclosed the and thus they can not be penetrated by any substance. Its elasticity enables close contact to the tooth surface. The foam itself is biologically inert.

The foam head can be replaced. The topmost layer of chambers are cut and open to hold the toothpaste medicine or powder. The toothbrush should not be wet with water befor applying with paste, powder or medicine.

By means of these half open (concave) chambers, it is possible to press the toothpaste to the tooth surfaces while making circular movements with the device.

Contact between paste and tooth is thus intensified, enabling the fine-grained abrasive contents of the paste to cause excellent smoothing of the tooth surfaces. The effects of all other ingredients, like fluorides, can also be intensified by the increased pressure. This type of intensive contact is also good for gum massagege. The transition area from the tooth and the gums, the so-called gingival sulcus, is subject to suction-pumping effects causing smooth cleaning.

Replacement of foam head

The foam head of the Soft-rubber can be replaced. Hold one side of the foam and pull from the holder with some force. To insert a new foam head, dip in water to lubricate. With the indentations facing the opening of the holder, slightly slanted with respect to the shaft axis, press through the rectangular opening with your fingers until the foam protrudes equally on both sides. After a few hours, the foam settles in the holder and gets tighter by the wedge in the ring. If the head appears to be too big, one side can be cut off with scissors (after it has settled).

Brush for interdental spaces

To clean the spaces between the teeth he Soft-rubber features a small pointed brush at the end of the shaft. It also helps clean other places in the mouth that cannot be easily accessed like the areas under bridge spans. The brush can be put through an opening in the shaft.

The T-shaped brush end is inserted in the circular opening of one side and then turned by 90° to the left or right. This way the brush is wedged tightly. To remove proceed in reversed order. If the brush is attached to the shaft on the opposite side, it protrudes further, i.e. it is longer.

Easy handling of dental silk

For cleaning dental areas dental silk is perfect.

You need ca. 40 cm of dental silk.

Fix the silk with your thumb at the lower part of the shaft.

Stretch the silk and tighten it into the curb, first at the end of the shaft, second at both sides of the shaft, then put it through the hole.

Cleaning techniques

Special techniques are not required. Clean the teeth at least 3 minutes with the rubber and another 3 minutes with the small brush and the dental floss.


Toddlers up to 3 years should not use the Soft-rubber witout supervision.

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