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LUCKYDENT™ - Pacifier according to DR. BOEHM

  • The constant sucking on pacifiers, as well as thumb-sucking leads to deformation of the soft jaws of the infant
  • The LUCKYDENT pacifiers by Dr. Boehm, supported by the flat shape of the natural swallowing reflex, is thereby promoting the drinking behavior
  • This process has a calming effect in conjunction with a positive jawbone molding.
  • Dishwasher safe, can be sterilized up to 135°C.
  • Hygienic, because not consisting of several different parts and materials.
  • In the mouth piece is no cavity, so bacteria can not penetrate like in conventional pacifiers.
  • No risk of injury, because there is no hard plastic.
  • The pacifier material meets the EU standards (EEC) and the FDA recommendations
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LUCKYDENT™ – Parcifier

Function of LUCKYDENT™ – Pacifier

By touching the tongue at the mouth piece of the pacifier, the innate swallowing reflex of the infant is raised immediately. Consequently the mouth-piece is pressed to the palate. Because of the bead at the top of the mouth piece by the following swallow, the tongue moves the complete pacifier a little bit into the oral cavity. Now the shield of the pacifier is pressed to the lips without biting.

The use is purely instictive. The pacifier can be held by the tongue!

LUCKYDENT™ – Parcifier

Other advantages of the LUCKYDENT™ - Pacifier

The pacifier falls out of the mouth less, because by the innate swallowing reflex, the infant can hold the pacifier. Even with open mouth, the infant can hold the pacifier with the tongue. The tongue pressure developes the correct formation of the palate. The soft shield prevents injury of the lips in case of accidents. The LUCKYDENT pacifier is made of a one complete piece of material. Unlike conventional pacifiers there is no possibility for bacteria to get into the cavity (Bacteria-breeding ground).

After heating the pacifier the shield can modeled by finger pressure to the optimum shape of the infant. After cooling in cold water the desired shape is fixed. („memory“effect)

LUCKYDENT™ – pacifier adapts perfectly and pacifies wonderfully.


  • Easy cleaning with dishwasher.
  • Safe can be sterilized up to 275°F / 135 °C.
  • Clean and heat before using.


The material is an elastomer and complies with all directives of EEC and FDA.


  • Look for traces of damage
  • Do not use as a teething ring.


  • The pacifier is available in 1 size for babies up to 6 months (dentition). Colors red or blue.